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Social Media Fail

At Real PR we believe in the power of social media to help organisations communicate effectively.

But for every success story there are many more campaigns that have failed.  

  • Twitter followers who don't turn into leads.
  • Facebook pages that no one likes.
  • Blog posts that no one reads.
  • Video that no one watches.
  • Hours spent at a PC with no return on investment.

Does that mean social media isn't for you. Probably not, at Real PR we believe that most problems can be sorted out by asking a few questions.

  1. Did you look at the technology before defining your audience?
  2. Are your objectives reasonable and are they aligned with your business?
  3. Did you take on too much all at once?
  4. Do you know how your audience communicates online?
  5. Were your prepared for a conversation and to belong to a community?
  6. Are you acting like a spammer?

We can help you identify what went wrong, what will work and help plan your way to success.

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