Media Relations

Print and broadcast media are integral to your reputation and raising awareness of what you do. We can help you leverage the media to sell your products, turn browsers into buyers, bring people through the door or change the opinion of your stakeholders.

  • You can choose your paid for marketing but you can't choose to have a reputation in the media
  • Media coverage can reach people who have tuned out of advertising
  • It provides a route to long term credibility

Of course, media relations is best integrated with the rest of your communications strategy, offline and online. We can help here too having worked with advertisers, experiential specialists and marketing specialists from many different companies.

Before embarking on any PR campaign we will work with you to identify your key audiences, target publications, the messages you need to deliver and the the most cost effective way to reach your objectives.

At Real PR we have over 30 years experience in giving advice to retained clients and managing specific campaigns and media relations programmes for consumer, trade or public sector clients. Find out more by looking at the case studies to the right.


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