Communications Audit

A solid communications strategy is built on knowing where you are with key stakeholders

A communications audit provides an ideal platform for a fresh start and a baseline to judge future performance. If you are new to a position and want to be judged on future success or you are wondering which way to turn next an audit will be invaluable.
We tailor each audit to the organisation. It can include any of the following and much more:
  • Mapping existing activities against previous success
  • Competitor analysis
  • Work with you to identify missed opportunities
  • Collation and analysis of press coverage and online sentiment
  • Focus groups (internal or external) to gain deep insight into stakeholder thinking
  • Polls and market research to gain wider feedback
  • Online feedback and opinion gathering
  • Identification of new opportunities
  • Budget and resource analysis
From this we can then work with you to develop an a PR strategy or set programme that will deliver real results. If you need help to deliver this to your internal communications team we can provide support. 

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