Rook on Menu of Glasgow Restaurants

Date: 21/05/2011


Rook, a bird traditionally thought of as a pest or an omen of death and popular during wartime rationing, is returning to the menus of two Glasgow restaurants this evening (20th May 2011).  

Sister restaurants, Stravaigin and The Ubiquitous Chip will be using the bird, a member of crow family, in a range of rook specials, including rook pudding, rook Masala and rook leg ravioli.

Due to the short rook season, diners will need to be quick. Rook can only be culled during a short window as a part of a pest control programme on farms.  Numbers are limited and unpredictable with the restaurant only using birds that would have been culled anyway.

The rook specials are expected to last only until around the 3rd of June

Rooks were introduced onto the menu at Stravaigin, on Gibson Street, in 2009. The dishes proved so popular they were quickly taken across town to sister restaurant The Ubiquitous Chip, in Ashton Lane.

Rook dining has become an annual event at the two restaurants. Since 2009, over a hundred people have tried a rook dish with demand overtaking supply.

Colin Clydesdale, owner of Stravaigin and the Ubiquitous Chip said, “The taste of rook can be compared to pigeon -  it is very lean and tender meat. People are often surprised by how delicious it is but it was a very common food during the Victorian period and Wartime rationing.”

“There is a trend in the culinary world to revisit unfashionable cuts of meat and to use previously discarded species of animals and fish. The rooks we use would have been discarded or left in the field. It’s a shame to waste a great tasting bird.

“Top to tail dining has been part of all our restaurants since the beginning. Diners are always interested in overlooked dishes and old techniques used in a new way.”

Each restaurant will use the bird in a slightly different way. The Ubiquitous Chip will focus on using the rook flavour undressed while Stravaigin will be combining rook with cuisine and techniques from across the world. The rook specials for both restaurants will change on the regular basis.

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Initial Stravaigin Rook Specials

  • Rook suet pudding, parsley liquor, confit potatoes, broad bean pesto
  • Whole rook Masala, saffron cashew nut semolina, tamarind and raisin puree
  • Slow cooked rook leg ravioli, seared rook breast, roast onion mousse and cherry puree.

Initial Rook Specials on Ubiquitous Chip Menu

  • “Galloway rook breast, asparagus, broadbean, watercress and mint salad”.

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Real PR is assisting Glasgow institution the Ubiquitous Chip with their 40 year anniversary. 

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