Glasgow residents sought for new Mural in Ubiquitous Chip

Date: 29/11/2011

Glasgow restaurant, the Ubiquitous Chip is looking for regulars past and present to feature in a new permanent mural inside the restaurant.

The restaurant has long been known as the bohemian heart of the West End since artist and novelist, Alastair Gray, created the first of his distinctive murals in the 1970s. 

As part of its 40th anniversary celebrations, the ‘Chip, as it is affectionately know, has commissioned exciting young artist Michael Lacey to produce a modern mural reflecting the original ideals of the existing Alasdair Gray murals.

Lacey is the only artist, other than Gray, to be invited to create an enduring piece of work for the building since it opened in 1971. Both are graduates of the Glasgow School of Art.

The piece is Lacey’s first major commission since graduating from Glasgow School of Art in 2009. His work uses images to build up a coastal landscape of interconnecting ideas. He has already used iconic images of Glasgow and Scottish buildings and is now turning to the people of the area.

The restaurant is looking for people with a connection to the West End, who have a strong connection to the ‘Chip’, to feature in the mural. Following a photography session, the images will be printed and incorporated in the mural as it takes shape over the next few weeks.

Asked to describe his work Michael said, “I like to describe it as a combination of Escher’s impossible objects and Terry Gilliam’s cartoons from the Monty Python series.”

Gray’s original mural, Florid Jungle was created in 1976. A second called mural called Arcadia can be seen in the restaurant’s back stairwell and features a host of regulars, ‘Chip staff and local faces from the 70’s. He completed the first stage in 1981 before returning in 2001 to add some extra characters.

Colin Clydesdale, of the Ubiquitous Chip, said, “The ‘Chip mural’s have always been a living history of Glasgow’s West End and - like Alasdair’s - Michael’s work will be a talking point for decades.” 

Michael said, “The regulars have already been extremely helpful. They come to me with ideas and suggestions for the mural, pointing out buildings I may not be aware of or that have long since been demolished. By working in a public space, their ideas have become part of the mural and it will be nice to include their images as well.’

A free open photography session will take place in the upstairs bar of the ‘Chip from 6.30pm on Sunday for anyone wishing to take part. The finished mural will be unveiled in the New Year.


For more information or to preview the mural please contact Joe Walton/Ilya Scott at Real PR on 0141 533 5975 or email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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Real PR is assisting Glasgow institution the Ubiquitous Chip with their 40 year anniversary. 

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