REV! The Real Energy Vibe from Coca-Cola

The Real Challenge

The REV! Real Energy Vibe campaign was developed by Real PR for Coca-Cola Great Britain as a response to increasing concern over obesity and healthy eating in Scotland. 

The objectives were:

  • Encourage Scottish teens to get up and get moving by introducing them to a fun new form of exercise
  • Capitalize on the “cool” associations of the brand to encourage teens to exercise 
  • Encourage healthy and active lifestyles reinforcing Coca-Cola’s marketing focus
  • Build the confidence of Scottish teens through participation.

Real Solutions

Research identified dance as having strong grassroots participation among Scottish teenagers.  Streetdance was chosen for its credibility, populist appeal and strong fit with the brand’s music associations.

The campaign consisted of five elements:

  • REV! bursaries – a total of £10,000 for dance groups and individuals
  • Bounce performances/Streetdance Weekend – on-street performances from Swedish Streetdance supremos, Bounce
  • Workshops/Taster Days – to encourage people of all levels to participate
  • Streetdance Festivals – three live events,two heats and a grand final
  • Reader prizes – can’t buy experiences to be won through the Scottish Sun and local radio stations.

REV! used a number of routes to audience:

  • Direct mail
  • Media partnerships with regional radio stations and the Scottish Sun
  • On-street activity/events


Real Results

The campaign resulted in a total of 11,800 spectators and participants feeling the Real Energy Vibe and 5,048 hours of physical activity being generated.  Overall, 67% of the target audience believed that Coca-Cola could help talented young Scots and 89% agreed that REV! helped young Scots take part in physical activity.