People Focus Communicates Personalisation of Care

Third sector client, Unity Enterprise, a Scottish social enterprise, approached Real PR to talk about Self Directed Support (SDS) and how it was changing the nature of their work and communications. 

Prior to the introduction SDS, service users and their carers were referred to Unity by social care services. The introduction of SDS, which offers increased freedom of choice for end users, changed how Unity had to reach out to them.

Unity Personalisation Photograph From Brochure

(photo by Murdoch Ferguson)

SDS is predicted to open up the care market, requiring Unity to speak directly with service users and carers to explain what was on offer through their projects.

Real PR suggested a brochure and DVD, focussing on users with learning difficulties and their carers. This would help Unity speak directly to one of their largest audiences. It would also keep the messaging relevant and appropriate for users with specific needs. It was decided to demonstrate not just the practical but the emotional side of Unity’s services.

Focussed Activity

The first stage was to bring a design partner on board to discuss options for the brochure. Long term collaborator, graphic designers Dynam were brought on board and their designer David MacGregor met with Unity to discuss their options.

A short brochure using the users and carers speaking in their own words was the cornerstone of the art direction. Two videos, one for carers and one for service users were to be produced by video production expert Kevin Cameron. The aim  was to speak to each audience in slightly different way.

Real worked with Unity’s managers to identify case studies for the video and brochure. Five service users, each taking advantage of a different aspect of Unity’s services were selected. A group of available carers where then approached. In total two days filming was completed with the case studies.

During the filming, photographer Murdoch Ferguson accompanied the film crew to capture images for the brochure including the service users enjoying themselves at work and having fun at the activity centre. This ensured the quality of the photography for the brochure and a clear link with the DVD.

A final day’s filming was then scheduled with Unity’s own star, Paula Sage, an actress with Down’s syndrome who has worked with stars like Kevin McKidd and on BBC Scotland’s River City. Paula provided the voiceover and acted as an anchor woman in the videos.

The design challenge for the brochure was to create a document that gave carers all of the facts they needed to make an informed decision, while engaging with users in a clear easy to understand manner.

The brochure used full page photos and direct quotes in speech bubbles to speak directly to potential service users. Bold colours and lots of white space helped keep the brochure accessible for both audiences and create something users and carers could look at together.

Real Results

The team at Unity Enterprise were delighted with the results of the brochure and the video. A copy of the brochure can be downloaded from here while you can watch one of the videos below.

George McSorley, Chief Executive of Unity Enterprise said “We wanted to speak directly to both carers and users and our experience taught us that we needed to tailor the message so that it was meaningful and relevant for each audience. This project successfully communicates that and what is more, we all had some fun in the process.”

Real PR managed the process - from start to finish - for Unity Enterprise. Working with all suppliers, printers, partners and case studies to deliver the project within time and budget.