National Media Loves Sexy Weight

The Real Challenge

Real PR was retained by Fitness First for Women (FFFW) to drive membership at their 13 gyms throughout the UK. 

What differentiates FFFW in a highly competitive market is the fact that  they are gyms run for women by women. The FFFW staff understand the complex relationship women have with their weight and body image and are better equipped to help them reach their goals. The idea was to create a campaign which would demonstrate this.

Real’s Solutions

We identified the concept of "sexy weight", which is based on the premise that women often have unrealistic (and sometimes unhealthy) targets for weight loss which leads to failure and unhappiness. However, there is a much more achievable point that many women reach in their weight loss journey which is when they have lost some weight...perhaps only a pound or two, but their clothes feel better, they are more energized and they begin to feel good about themselves. This is their "sexy weight".

Real Activity

Anecdotally, this concept rang true with most women however, quantitative research was commissioned with 1,000 women to give the campaign substance.

Celebrity psychologist, Dr Linda Papadopoulos was engaged to launch the campaign and give psychological insight to the concept of sexy weight.

Real PR employed a comprehensive media relations programme resulting in feature coverage in a range of national titles including Cosmopolitan and the Daily Express. Broadcast coverage included syndicated radio interviews throughout the UK.  Coverage on GMTV was secured but cancelled when terrorist attacks took over the news agenda.

Real Results

UK-wide brand awareness and increased membership.