Desperate Dan a Dundee First Aider

Real PR was briefed by third-sector client, St Andrew’s First Aid, to help launch an expanded service dedicated to workplace first aid training in the Dundee, Perth and Tayside area. This was to be the first roll out of a city specific activity by St Andrew’s First Aid and called for a very focussed campaign idea.

The solution was simple. Take one of Dundee’s best known comic book characters Desperate Dan and turn him into a first aid volunteer for the day. Real PR set out with a measuring tape to fit out a civic statue of Dan as a first aider.

A PR Stunt for Desperate Dan Wows Passers By in Dundee

Dundee Focussed PR Activity

Real PR prepared a photocall and press release about the launch of the new commercial operation in Dundee. We then hit the phones gauging interest, setting up interviews and talking to picture desks. We booked Maverick Photo Agency to cover the event for non-attending press and for St Andrew’s First Aid.

Having already sought permission from Dundee City Council and modified the largest available St Andrew’s First Aid uniform to (just) fit the huge Desperate Dan statue, we arrived early on a Tuesday morning to get to work and brief St Andrew’s local commercial spokesperson Gaynor Daniels and a local volunteer Brian Fairweather.

As well as a lot of attention from passersby, the idea of Dan as a first aid man caught the imagination of the local media.

The stunt was covered across all of the city’s mainstream press.

  • STV Dundee  featured the stunt on the evening news bulletin
  • The Dundee Courier featured the photograph the next day
  • The Evening Telegraph covered the event in the evening edition
  • Gaynor was interviewed on Tay FM and rivals Wave 102
  • The story travelled further appearing across Scotland in the pages of the Scottish Sun
  • Additional Coverage was achieved in the Arbroath Herald

But Real PR didn’t stop there. We followed up with opinion and advice led pieces in the two highest circulating Dundee papers, The Evening Telegraph and Dundee Courier to build on the momentum of the Dan activity after the stunt.

The story also featured on local business press including The Dundee and Angus Chamber of Commerce Website, and Third Force News.

Real Results

  • The campaign was received positively by volunteers and staff on the ground
  • The resulting activity reached full penetration of Dundee’s media outlets
  • Search results for St Andrew’s First Aid increased from Dundee.

Helen Forrest, Marketing and Communications Manager, St Andrew's First Aid, said,

“The idea to turn a Dundee legend into a first aid volunteer for the day was a simple, clean and effective method of raising awareness of our services in the Dundee area. The team received congratulations from all levels of St Andrew’s First aid and the campaign led nicely into Scottish First Aid Week.”