Social media success means not working to your own schedule

Posted by Joe Walton on 13/01/2012

Social Media success, as with much in life, relies a lot on timing.

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It is important to realise people aren't using social networks for your brand or company's benefit. They are there to fulfil a need, for knowledge, enjoyment or because they have to for work. They are online for their own reasons and your schedule may not match theirs (for example, a post by Craig McGill makes clear there is case for social media staff to be working Christmas day).
However, this doesn't mean you need to be on 24/7.
  • Use programmes such as Tweriod to work out when your followers/fans are online.
  • Plan for events in advance - a little bit of common sense and forward planning goes a long way
  • Use social media tools like Hootsuite to schedule updates when you are busy doing something else. But don't use automated tool to create updates, they look sloppy.
  • Keep a close eye and monitor external feeds for potential crisis
  • Be proactive in dealing with issues to save time later on
  • Set expectations - if will take you more than a few hours to get back to someone let them know before they post.
  • Share the burden, within and between departments, if necessary
  • Listen to your audience and what works for them. Never assume what is right for you is right for them and test your ideas as much as possible
These are just some quick suggestions. Feel free to share your own tips or questions below.

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