Public Relations and SEO: Converging Disciplines?

Posted by Ilya Scott on 22/07/2011

I recently attended a great conference in London on The Future of PR recently which threw a light on the importance of PR for a brand’s SEO and online presence.

Until now the weird science of search engine optimisation has been the preserve of the geeks. Cleverly (and possible cynically) they aimed to keep it as complicated and inaccessible as possible with talk of algorithms, search engines and keyword analysis. No surprise really that they liked to keep the process clouded in mystery to protect fee levels.

But now, even some of the geeks themselves are turning to PR to achieve their SEO goals. Why?

Because interaction or links on the web increase a site’s Google rankings. The truth is, a good story is the key to unlocking the secrets inside a complicated search algorithm.  The internet is about human interaction and communication and good communication is about interesting content and a compelling story.

The former owner of a successful SEO consultancy admitted that the tactics he used to promote his new company were straight from the PR text book. Basically his strategy was to, gain the trust of Google and of readers and to get noticed by traditional media.

Gaining the trust of Google is all about activity and links. However some links are more important than others. The more activity and credible links to a page the higher up the search results it goes.

Online media outlets, such as the online versions of the mainstream and quality specialist publications, provide very  credible links . Traditional PR techniques of identifying a story, pitching it and gaining quality coverage are now an emerging part of SEO Strategy.

If identifying great stories and crating compelling content are key to search engine rankings how will the divisions between SEO and PR look in the future?

Thanks to PR Moment for organising such an illuminating event.

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well content particular in SEO blog and all the above information was really informative ......

By Nil jhonson on 2011 07 23

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