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Posted by Joe Walton on 13/03/2011

I am lucky to live to Edinburgh.

Before I entered the world of PR, I studied science (biology/psychology) and it warms my heart a little to see a dedicated Edinburgh International Science Festival in April.

Much of the programme has something for both the scientist and the PR in me. And, in that vein, here is a list of events at the science festival related to communications that caught my eye.


The Pervasive Day


From: 9th – 19th April

An exhibition about wearable technology that alters to our mood and environment. A potential for communicators to have a glimpse into the future and it anything with this sort of gadgetry must be cool.

Ah Kent Yer Faither': Facts and Fictions in Social Mobility


Saturday 9th April

As communicators we look to chance the world in at least some small way. This talk deals with the the big question of social mobility and inequality.

Flipnosis: The Art of Split Second Persuasion


Sunday 10th April

Persuasion? influence?  Who would do anything involved with this for living? This looks like a great event looking at all these things from psychologist, author and blogger Kevin Dutton.

Can Neuroscience Explain Irrationality in Human Decision Making?


Monday 11th April

Why and how do people make decisions and what happens when they go wrong? By looking at what happens when processes go wrong neuroscientists can learn a lot about ‘normal behaviour. Communicators can always look to learn more about what makes people tick.

Mobile App Groups

Free (ticketed)

Wednesday 13th April

Mobile apps are the future. If you have spent anytime on public transport lately you can see mobile devices as far as the eye can see. This talk and networking event should be of interest with half an eye on the future of communications.

Encounters: Neuroscience in Fashion

Free (ticketed)

Thursday 14th April

Neuroimaging is it the new black? Marketing companies are already using the technology to help brands make the choices about their direction and test messaging. Personally, I am not sure about it as its based on a subtractive methodology (I can bore you about this some other time) but I willing to listen to a a couple of experts and possibly change my mind.

Public Health and the Media


Friday 15th April

PR is integral to the health campaigns. This fascinating talk looks at how the media shapes public perception about health issues. Even if you don’t work in health related field this will offer some great insight into the power of the media.

Line Digital presents Under the Hood


Saturday 16th April

How to bring online experience alive and making the best of interactive design are two of the topics covered by Line Digital in this workshop. Great topics and of increasing importance to PR people.

The Internet: In Whose Image


Monday 18th February

Digital Comms is a fundamental part of PR campaigns.  David Pullinger, a digital strategist for the Government, takes a look at how online technology is shaping our lives and if we should question who owns our identity online.

How Many Friends Does One Person Need?


Tuesday 19th April

Do you look enviously at your friends on social networks with 100’s upon 100’s of friends. A lot of digital strategists have talked about the Dunbar number, which states that we can only manage around 150 true relationships. Here is chance to here from the Professor Dunbar himself on this and many other interesting topics covered through evolutionary psychology.


This finishes my selection of the most relevant events for communicators. There are loads of events happening, catering to all interests: from whisky to cosmetics and comedy there is a show for everyone.

Have I missed any? What events are you going to? Let us known in the comments below.

[pictures with thanks to Edinburgh International Science Festival]

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