Being sold to via social media - a personal experience

Posted by Joe Walton on 05/04/2011

People often asked how to they can sell on social networks.

The truth is, it is difficult without losing credibility, getting in people’s faces and looking like a spammer.

But it can be done (even unintentionally) and I wanted to share a great personal example from last week

A rare passion on mine

My favourite band of all time is indie drone band Spiritualized. As can be seen from my LastFm stats.

Hearing from their official blog that they were playing the Queen’s Hall in Edinburgh I went off looking for information. I am not sure they are the sort of band that sells out anymore but I don’t take chances when it comes to Spiritualized. Unfortunately, the Queen’s Hall website only lists events as they come on sale. A little bit anxious I went in search of information.

Finding Queen's Hall on Twitter I sent them a quick message.

Hello @queens_hall. Just wondering if @officialSpzd tix are on sale tomorrow. Their website seems to say so? Cheers.less than a minute ago via TweetDeck   Favorite | Retweet | Reply


Here is what I received in return.

@babbleoftongues Yes indeed. On sale bright & early Friday morning. This and Yo La Tengo in one year? Dronetastico!less than a minute ago via Teewee   Favorite | Retweet | Reply

Not only did they provide the information I wanted, they let me know of a similar band (who I also like) who are also playing their venue.

The result, tickets booked for two concerts instead on one. I have also signed up to the newsletter and Social Media accounts providing a further opportunity to contact me the future.

@queens_hall Yo La Tengo as well, didn't realise, thanks! I will do my bit to make the box office manager a happy bunny tomorrow.less than a minute ago via TweetDeck   Favorite | Retweet | Reply

Why it worked

It worked because it was personal and engaging. I may not have heard of Yo La Tengo before but at the very least I would have gone looking to find out more information on their recommendation.

Here are few lessons:

  1. Good online customer service can lead to sales
  2. Share extra information if you can
  3. Engage in a conversational tone
  4. Think about what the individual you are engaging with is interested in
  5. Don't try to force the sale

I am a hard man to pressurise into a sale but this engagement left me feeling very positive to the Queen’s Hall.

If you are going to the gig get in touch on Twitter. It is always nice to meet new people with great taste.

Do you have any positive experiences of being (sort of) sold to online. Please let us know in the comments below.

And, before I finish, here is some music. Enjoy.


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